OpenY: Scaling and Sharing with Custom Drupal Distribution

The promise of open source technology has always been about the ability to spread and scale. This is exemplified with Drupal distributions. In this session we will examine how we are leveraging open source, Drupal 8 with one of the largest federated non-profit organization in the world, the YMCA. We will focus specifically on a community driven initiative, OpenY, which is a Drupal distribution custom built for YMCAs everywhere. Some specific topics we will go over include:

  • Leveraging open source software to foster sharing and collaboration.

  • Developing a communication strategy focused on key benefits of Drupal and open source, such as cost and speed of innovation.

  • Story about building custom Drupal 8 Distribution

  • The beginning of OpenY distribution.

  • The biggest technical challenges:

    • How to provide scalable and flexible architecture?

    • How to create integrations with 3rd party services?

    • How to provide smooth and easy Installation process?

    • How to support friendly Upgrade Path for the customers?

    • How to setup sustainable Continuous Integration for the Drupal 8 Distribution?

  • The road to the 1st major release 1.0

  • Where is OpenY community now and what are our plans.


This session will reveal how open source software and Drupal can drive business results with better customer experiences, faster speed to market, and lower costs. It should be beneficial for all community members regardless of the position.

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