How to outsource the pain of Drupal translation to Smartling

I will talk about localization process in Drupal with a help of Smartling translation service. It is default flow, which is proposed by Translation Management Tool out of the box and different tweaks and modifications that we improved. In addition, I will describe why we decided to decouple most of the new features into a separate module, rather than developing them in our translation provider.

3 modules will be covered during presentation:

  • Translation Management Tool
  • TMGMT Smartling plugin
  • Extension Suite module

This session will be interesting for those who want to know how to get rid of the pain of Drupal translation process and who is interested in other alternatives for translation workflow aside from common copy-pasting process from Excel sheets.

After the session you will know:

  • How to configure your Drupal 8 site and TMGMT module
  • How to configure TMGMT Smartling plugin
  • What is visual context and why it’s so important for translators
  • How do we automate all the translation workflow and track changes of the source content
  • How did we managed to avoid a Drupal 8 core bug with bulk actions

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