For Participants

For Participants

We do our best to host the event at the highest level posssible. We aim to create a welcoming atmosphere and give visitors a key to boost their professional competence. The event is going to be of interest for programmers, as well as managers, system administrators, business analysts and business owners.


We plan to cover the following topics:

  • improvement of relationships with Drupal 8,

  • life hacks of work with Drupal 7,

  • OpenSource contribution as an instrument of growth,

  • successful start for beginners,

  • management of Drupal-oriented teams,

  • CMF / CMS Drupal - how to sell projects on Drupal.


And on the second day of the Camp for those who are still in the saddle after the hilarious party we offer the chance to participate in the large-scale code sprint. Visitors can also expect practical training on interacting with Drupal 8 and workshops for beginner.

On the second day Kemp course will be a large-scale code-sprint, practical training on working with Drupal 8, workshops for beginners - will be invited to all the participants that have strength and inspiration of drive after partying the night before.

 Bratislava    ACCOMODATION

Hotel Bratislava offers accommodation discount for all participants of DrupalCamp Kyiv 2017. For promo code and instructions please write us to