DrupalCamp Kyiv 2017 is made by the effort of Ukrainian Drupal-community members

We are glad to introduce you our organisational team that invests their time, inspiration and all available resources to create DrupalCamp Kyiv 2017.

This year we set to ourselves the goal to consolidate and increase the achieved level of the event planning all the steps in advance and increasing social activity. Main indicators of this goal are the following:

  • complete and comprehensive program

  • adding management flow as it is an integral part of any project

  • 400+ participants, including Drupal newcomers

  • increasing activity in social networks for closer contact with Ukrainian Drupal Community on each stage of preparation




Project Manager of DrupalCamp Kyiv 2017

Main areas of responsibility of Camp preparation were distributed among each member of organisational team, that are Ukrainian Drupal-community members, and Helen coordinates all the team. Helen sees the big picture, she knows all about Camp - who, when, what makes and will make at each period of time. Information materials, legal relations, explanation of Camp preparation process take part of the Helen’s day during all the preparation period.

DrupalCamp Kyiv 2017 preparation process has the motto "If you don’t know smthing - ask Pustovoyt" :)


Shurik Barkov


responsible for the website, marketing plan and program

The whole period of Camp preparation, all DEWEB Studio team, that Shurik created in 2006, is involved in job under the Camp. With clear marketing plan we have a site that is developing in parallel with the preparation process. Camp style continues its development and improvement under the watchful guidance of Shurik.

Also Shurik is responsible for the creation, organization and content of the Camp program -that is making the initial plan of program, contacting speakers and discussing the reports. So Camp program entirely depends on Shurik.


Alexander Schedrov


responsible for sponsorships

Incredibly responsible Sasha carefully approaches to carrying out his area of responsibility. He creates sponsorship packages, initiates the involvement of companies to support the event, coordinates people who join to negotiations and watch the implementation of obligations for each sponsor. He is a true coordinator, master of diplomacy and communication, so we easily gave him this important area and we believe in its perfect execution.


Alex Bogush


responsible for tickets, location and food

This is not a trivial task to place with meal 400 participants at several locations within two days. Starting from choosing an appropriate location with four large halls and finishing the organisation of sponsorship areas in the entry area, answering all the clarifying questions that are not coming to the end until the beginning of the event - this is all what Alex is responsible for.


Anatoliy Polyakov


responsible for financial management

Tolik is a cold brain of our passionate team. When our ideas and desires are too big, he can reassure us and find the best solution. He makes calculations and gives the green light to additional costs each time when we get a new sponsor.


Andrey Podanenko


responsible for CodeSprint

Yes, he is that exactly Andrey, who is one of the ideologues of creating Ukrainian Drupal Community. His contribution to our community is impossible to count - thanks to Andrey support Drupal methodology has been translated, he move every Drupal event and our Community become more identified and we grow quantitatively. Andrey is preparing CodeSprint, that is part of DrupalCamp Kyiv 2017.


Ніна Черненко

Nina Chernenko, DEWEB Studio

responsible for marketing, partnership and communications

She is a communicative center of Organizing Committee. All our external communications were through Nina: partnerships and gifts, organizational issues and promotion of speakers, search and coordination of the production materials for the conference and much more. During Camp preparation period she gained a reputation of "communicator."