How was it?


Where was all the Ukrainian Drupal community on the weekend 10-11 June? That's right, on the great DrupalCamp Kyiv 2017!

On June 10 an intensive technological Drupal brainstorm was held in the hotel Bratislava. Projects were discussed, Case Studies were presented, technical issues were raised. There were something new this year - management presentations and discussions in the BOF room.

On June 11 powerful CodeSprint was held in location Coworking Platforma Leonardo. Our Community welcomed newcomers who made their first Commits on Some even came without a laptop, despite on it, they spend a day productively and even get Commits! Patches are still accepting, the detailed report from CodeSprint will be published soon.

This year we have reached new records, let the numbers present it:

  • 403 attendees were on the first day of lectures;

  • 5 streams of lectures + 1 BOF room with discussions;

  • 42 speaker, 36 reports, third part was in English;

  • 10+ international speakers;

  • 70+ participants on the second day - CodeSprint;

  • 100+ patches made during CodeSprint.

It was incredible! In addition to reports and discussions in BOF many gifts from our sponsors and partners were played out: JetBrains played out 8 licenses of PHPStorm, Drupalize.Me also gave us for lottery 3 yearly subscriptions. Travel agencies Феєрія Мандрів let go to Warsaw for tours four lucky winners. In addition, a lot of power banks were played out from our sponsors Adyax and ImageX, and FFW played out an excellent backpack.

We very grateful to those who yearly support DrupalCamp Kyiv - our sponsors: Adyax, Skilld, FFW, IndernetDevels, ImageX, Lemberg, and a big team of individual sponsors: Mikhail Goruachev, Anatoliy Polyakov, Olexander Dubovskoy, Dmitro DrozdikDennis Povshedny, Andrii Podanenko, Henadzi Koltun, Bohdan Artemchuk.

Special thanks to our partners: Drupal Ukraine Community, DEWEB Studio, JetBrains, Drupalize.Me, travel agency Феєрія Мандрів and informational partners: ITEA, Bionic University, HyperHost, NBN, SourceIT, STEP IT Academy, ITVDN, DOU, AIN. They helped us to share information about Camp.

Drupal Camp Kyiv 2017 finance details:

Full budget of the event - 446 600 UAH, tickets sales: 160 765 UAH, sponsors packages: 285 835 UAH. 

Detailed costs report:

  Conference location rent price 46 000,00  
  Codesprint location rent price 6 000,00  
  Food and service during the conference  110 000,00  
  Food at the Codesprint 6 000,00  
  Party 95 000,00  
  Additional products (water, juices, vegetables) 7 800,00  
  Video and Photo 33 650,00  
  Polygraphy design 3 000,00  
  Printed materials 52 570,00  
  Additional at-the-place order in Pivna Duma during the party 22 500,00  
  Logistics 3 000,00  
  Website, marketing, organization, etc. 16 420,00  
  Taxes 44 660,00  


DrupalCamp Kyiv is not finished. We understand that with such an intensive program you often wanted to listen several presentations at the same time. Org Team is working on the materials for several days and gradually add it to the Camp web. In the near future you may find all the presentations, videos and photos here.

To make international Drupal community aware about this year DrupalCamp Kyiv 2017, please leave your positive feedback on and more detailed letter with your thoughts please write us here.

See you next year :)

Your Org Committee DrupalCamp Kyiv 2017