For volunteers

For volunteers

DrupalCamp Kyiv is an event of Ukrainian Drupal community and you can easily join to the the organization of Camp 2017

How do we work

Camp Organizing Committee is a distributed team from members of Ukrainian Drupal Community. We have leads of all main directions and we help each other.

In any direction can be involved any number of people, but all the responsibility for the final result, acceptance / non-admission / rejection of the decisions taken by someone - it is the right of lead direction.

Do you want to contribute DrupalCamp Kyiv 2017 ?

We have several areas of activities to be covered during preparation for the event, you can find yourself in any of it.

To join the organization, you need to do few simple steps:

  • Decide the direction where you think you will be useful.

  • Predict your hours availability - the quantity of your available hours and their distribution during event preparation.

  • Think about your role - what exactly you can do. Of course, if you just have time and inspiration - we will find job for you :)

  • Contact lead direction and offer your help.

  • Productive good work.

Leads and contacts are available in Organizers.


Ideas - it is always great! We would like to implement more things in DrupalCamp Kyiv, but we are not enough big team of all our ideas. Most of us have a job, we want to do sports and relax sometimes :) Therefore, in order DrupalCamp Kyiv have smthing cool additionally, that for organizers team is lacking resources, please, pack a you idea, contact lead, meet with us and let’s implement it!