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What is it?

At the CodeSprint, conference attendees will have a great posibility to work on Drupal and improve it, fix bugs of Drupal core and contrib modules, learn how to contribute, and communicate with Drupal-community members in our friendly team!

In 2017 DrupalCamp Kyiv organizers team decided to modify structure of CodeSprint and create working teams before the Sprint day. It allows people to work more than only 8 hours of the Sprint day. Therefore few months before teams were created and members have started to join in advance. Please join us in any time.

For Beginners

Historically, during hard day of work on CodeSprint, beginners had a chance to make few commits to their profiles on This is good motivation, but not enough. So that we modified and extended the direction for newcomers. If you want to try Drupal, this year you have a chance to work on real commercial projects of enterprise level. Below you can find a list of information on how to prepare and start working in each direction.

For attendees for the first time - even setup of development environment could be a real challenge. And this is definitely a good starting point to get clue how people work with Drupal. In this case if you successfully install development environment during CodeSprint it will be a great achievement.

Basic requirements to join the CodeSprint

- Wish to participate

- Proactivity

- Laptop with Linux|OSX|Windows and CPU with support of virtualization

- Pre installed software:

  1. Docker
  2. Virtualbox
  3. Git
  4. Composer
  5. php 7|5.6 - optional (if CPU has no virtualization)
  6. mysql server - optional (if CPU has no virtualization)
  7. Favorite code editor (PHPstorm prefered, free trial)

CodeSptrint teams

OpenY team

Team Lead have prepared a great list of tasks for newcomers. Development is pre configured in such a way, that you will get commits contribution automatically from GitHub to your profile. Important is to add your email address that you are doing commits to

List of participants

List of tasks

How to start development before:

OpenSocial team

We will work on real problems and improvements of the Open Social distro. There are problems with varying complexity, but each of it require few hours of job. During CodeSprint you are welcome to find and fix new bugs, make your own proposals for improvements and translation of distribution to Ukrainian. As a result of successful commits on you will get credits and commits to your own profile.

List of participants

List of tasks


 Team Panels Drupal 8

The team will work on improving the set of modules that are very popular in Drupal 7. There are: Panels, Page manager (formerly part ctools). Working on tasks Panels, Page manager you acquainted with the important subsystem Drupal 8 as Render pipeline. If you are interested in Anatomy and Physiology of the process of displaying content in Drupal 8 - welcome to join! Of course as a good bonus will be credits on to your profile that you will be able to get after successful commits of your patches.

List of tasks

List of participants

 How to prepare:

Team Bricks

Bricks is a new way for building pages on top of Entity Reference, Display Modes, Layout API, tabledrag.js and Flat Tables. Everything is in Drupal core that makes Bricks ultra-lightweight and developer-friendly. In terms of concept this is a new generation of Paragraphs.

On code sprint we will try to create a Bricky distribution with content deploy options built-in. Also we will work on integrations with other contrib modules to make it even more powerful.

List of tasks

List of participants (+1 in comments to join)

Contributor checklist:

Are you still thinking?

As usually we are kindly invite all developers to our СodeSprint to learn Drupal and grow up your skills. All teams will be happy to help you make your first commit on

Join us!


See you at CodeSprint in Coworking Platforma!    coworking platforma